Morpheus is a novel example-driven synthesis tool for automating a large class of data preparation tasks that arise in data science. Given a set of input tables and an output table, our approach synthesizes a table transformation program that performs the desired task. Our approach is not restricted to a fixed set of DSL constructs and can synthesize programs from an arbitrary set of components, including higher-order combinators. At a high-level, our approach performs type-directed enumerative search over partial programs but incorporates two key innovations that allow it to scale: First, our technique can utilize any first-order specification of the components and uses SMT-based deduction to reject partial programs. Second, our algorithm uses partial evaluation to increase the power of deduction and drive enumerative search.


Component-based Synthesis of Table Consolidation and Transformation Tasks from Examples. Yu Feng, Ruben Martins, Jacob Van Geffen, Isil Dillig, Swarat Chaudhuri. To appear in PLDI 2017.


PLDI'17 data set.